We Are Kings

The Movie Musical

Hands up

We Are Kings is an indy movie musical starring Sammy Blue, Rita Graham, Boogie Long, Bianca Ryan and Pryce Watkins. Released to rave reviews in Los Angeles the movie is now available on Google Play, and iTunes and Amazon shortly.  Visit our Facebook page!  

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Shot on location in El Paso, Ilinois, and points south of Rt. 61 from Chicago to Baton Rouge, We Are Kings is a road movie about a down and out bluesman saved by a "ghost"...and three young musicians. Original music composed and recorded on location and performed in the movie! 

Robert E Spring and Al Janoulis Present

A Howard and Melissa DeLeeuw Production

Produced by Robert E. Spring and Toby Hubner

Written and Directed by Toby Hubner

Director of Photography Joshua Sampson

Edited by Claire Vandewalle

Sound Design by Jean Daniel Pillault

Recorded on Location at Eclipse Studios